CLAC Surpasses 2,000th Certification

DATE: November 29, 2011

Mississauga, ON—CLAC recently received its 2,000th certificate issued by a labour board. The milestone represents organizing of Canadian workplaces into bargaining units by CLAC since its founding in 1952.

“Organizing over 2,000 workplaces is a very significant achievement for CLAC,” says Dick Heinen, executive director. “I would be surprised if any other Canadian union could match this accomplishment.”

In Canada, certification is granted by provincial labour boards or by the Canada Industrial Relations Board for federally regulated industries. Labour boards grant certification when a majority of employees at a workplace choose union representation, either by a secret ballot vote or, in some jurisdictions, by signed membership cards.

In an era of declining union membership and global economic uncertainty, CLAC is one of the few unions experiencing growth. “More and more workers are choosing us because of our common-sense approach to the workplace and our high emphasis on service,” says Heinen. “Canadians don’t want the negative, old-style approach. They want positive representation from a union that puts their interests first.”


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