Retirement MemberCare

CLAC helps you with all kinds of workplace issues, but one of the biggest challenges you face comes after you leave the workplace: retirement. The paycheque may stop, but the living continues. 

These days, the retirement industry is big business. Through high fees, banks, investment companies, and insurers are all after their piece of the pie. But you’re concerned about your money, about making sure you have enough to live the retirement you want.

Two Plans to Help You

You need to plan for your retirement, and we can help. . . .

Choosing the right investments, understanding fees, making sure you do the right tax reporting—these are exactly the kinds of hassles we can help you tackle.

By joining one of CLAC’s two retirement plans, you can get a head start on building the retirement you want.

Stay on Track

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your retirement planning and saving, we make it easy for you to stay on track toward reaching your goals. Through our convenient and private online portal, you can update your personal profile and view your latest pension account information.

As a member of the CLAC Pension Plan, you also have access to great tips and information on savings, investing, financials, and retirement planning through The Financial Educator.

Make your retirement plans attainable through a CLAC retirement plan today. Call one of our knowledgeable reps at 1–800–268–5281 about joining us. 


Take Action!

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