Solidarity Membership

You don’t have to work for a CLAC-signatory company to show solidarity with your fellow workers here and abroad. Become a CLAC solidarity member and actively support the cause for justice, peace, and cooperation in the workplace, both in Canada and overseas.

Solidarity membership gives you a chance to make a global difference. As Canadians, we’re blessed with progressive labour laws, good wages, safe working conditions, and the freedom to belong to labour unions. Many of your fellow global citizens don’t enjoy the same privileges. With your support, our international program works with like-minded labour unions in Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere to support basic rights and freedoms for workers.

Our solidarity locals across Canada work together to promote

  • Events and campaigns highlighting labour challenges in other countries
  • Seminars and banquets featuring speakers who address union topics
  • Events to help students at schools and universities learn about unions and negotiating
  • Speaking engagements exploring how progressive unions such as CLAC create healthy workplaces

For just $25 per year, you can

  • Receive Advantage Program discounts
  • Apply for CLAC scholarships for you and your family
  • Take advantage of CLAC member pricing on CLAC Training courses
  • Be eligible to receive bereavement benefits
  • Attend local meetings and seminars
  • Enjoy discounted, and sometimes free, entry to larger seminars
  • Receive free CLAC publications including our national magazine, the Guide

For more information on joining CLAC, please contact a representative.