Why join a union? 

There are over 100 different unions in Canada, representing nearly 4 million Canadian workers.

Historically, unions have fought for many of the benefits all workers take for granted today—the five-day work week, overtime pay, paid holidays and sick leave, workplace safety, to name just a few.

Today, union workers enjoy many other benefits including healthcare and pension plans, access to training, and greater legal protection at work than non-union workers. Studies have shown that union workers enjoy

  • Higher wages – union wages are 26% higher, on average, than non-union wages
  • More sick leave – 25% more union workers have a sick leave allowance than non-union workers
  • Better health benefits – a third more union workers have a health benefit plan than non-union workers
  • Greater retirement savings – union members are twice as likely to have a pension plan than non-union workers
  • Comprehensive training – unions provide members with the training they need to succeed at work and stay safe on the job

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