Outstanding Co-workers!
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Outstanding Co-workers!

CLAC Member of the Month

Outstanding co-workers make outstanding workplaces. We asked you to nominate a co-worker, who inspires you and your fellow members, for CLAC's Member of the Month award. Winners receive a $100 CLAC gift card and coffee and donuts for their team. Check out this year’s winners so far!

Local 66 Member, January winner
Jim & Joe’s Trucking Co. Ltd., Cache Creek, BC
Nominated by Donna Cooke
“David is always there to help everyone. He comes into work early to make sure the snow is cleared for other workers and comes back late at night to see if there is anything that needs to be done before the next shift. He is helpful and kind and always has a bright smile for everyone.”


Local 302 Member, February winner
Albright Manor, Beamsville, ON
Nominated by Sheila Vaughan
“Penny shows true courage and compassion in her long-time role as steward. She is a true leader and helps out all the other stewards and has extreme patience and knowledge to guide us all through the turmoil we are now experiencing in our workplace. She is always advocating for the rights of others. I have been fortunate enough to have served as steward with her and know that in trying times, she has been a steady source of rational thinking for everyone. We are extremely fortunate to have here on our team.”

Local 63 Member, March winner
Ledcor Group, Fort McMurray, AB
Nominated by Owen Curnow
“John’s light-hearted attitude and sense of humour keeps the morale of everyone working around him high. John keeps us all laughing and brightens even the most difficult days of our shift. Also, John’s years of experience make him an invaluable source of wisdom and knowledge, and his good nature makes him very approachable and easy to ask questions of.”

Local 63 member, April winner
Brock Canada Field Services Ltd., Redwater, AB
Nominated by Richard Pederson
“Tyler has a good work ethic and provides very good mentorship to new workers on site.”

Local 303 member, May winner
Caressant Care Maples Home for Seniors, Tavistock, ON
Nominated by Laurie Bartlett
“With heavy workloads and our job becoming more demanding every day, it's sometimes hard to keep a smile on our face for our residents and co-workers. Dana in her own way keeps us upbeat, helps us on our days when issues arise, guides us through them, and helps us understand how to handle the situation. When we are short-staffed, she chips in and seems to always know when to bring treats in for us too! She often stays later than her shift to make sure everything is done and rarely complains about it. She’s a truly compassionate gal. The Maples would be lost without her!”

Local 63 member, June winner
KBR Wabi Ltd., Fort Hills, AB
Nominated by Veronica Morrison-Johnston
“Shane is an extremely positive and friendly co-worker. He is one of the hardest working members of the crew. He enjoys teaching others and is always willing to hear out others’ ideas. Shane increases the morale of the crew and always has something good to say. Everyone enjoys working with Shane and he makes the work much more productive and pleasant.”

Local 301 member, July winner
Lacombe Foundation, Lacombe, AB
Nominated by Linda Psikla
“Kelly is the backbone for the manor,” says Linda. “The residents love and respect her. She would bend over backward for any resident or staff. She always has a smile and positive response for any person she comes in contact with. She's our activity coordinator and the go-to girl. We love Kelly and can't imagine the place without her.”

Local 302 member, August winner
United Mennonite Home for the Aged, Vineland, ON
Nominated by Talaina Fousert
“Debbie is an excellent worker,” says Talaina. “She goes above and beyond her job description, and is a wonderful team player. She never complains, works hard, and does good quality work.”

Local 304 member, September winner
IOOF Seniors Homes Inc., Barrie, ON
Nominated by Lorna Aucoin
“Jadine's true compassion and care for the residents is something that doesn't go unnoticed,” says Lorna. “Her positive outlook and genuine care for the residents truly makes a difference. She is a team player and will go above and beyond. We, as well as the residents, are lucky and blessed to have her!”

Local 63 member, October winner
Procon Miners Inc.
Nominated by Ed Hanusiak
"Helping others in the community with a strong family involvement while creating a fun and engaging positive attitude in the workplace. Chaal maintains a positive attitude throughout his lifestyle, which reflects in his work ethics at work."


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