Training in Alberta

Check out our calendar to see our current in-class course offerings. For more courses, check out the links below.

Health and safety

Stay safe and certified through our health and safety courses. If the course you want isn’t listed in the current training calendar, call your local member centre to learn when it will be offered.

Online Training

Save time and money by taking training online. CLAC offers dozens of courses, including CSTS, WHMIS, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Behaviour-Based Safety, and more.

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Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)

CLAC’s online Behaviour-Based Safety program is designed to prevent workplace incidents by providing tools to change at-risk behaviours before they result in injuries or fatalities.

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To gain access to most construction projects in Alberta, you must take the Construction Safety Training System course, which we offer in all our member centres.

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Trade skills

Advance your construction career through pre-exam help and hands-on scaffolding and welding training in our state-of-the-art training centre in Edmonton.

Are you interested in becoming a welder apprentice? Take our 12-week pre-employment welding program and get a head start in your career.  Contact us today to learn more.


Welder testing and training

Welding Shop Price List

CWB test dates 2018

CSA W47.1 (CWB) – SMAW or FCAW

Pre-Employment First Period Welder with W47.1 (CWB) FCAW

Initial B Pressure Courses

CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspector

CSA W178.2 Level 2 Welding Inspector


Intro to Scaffolding

End User Scaffolding

Industrial scaffold training - Program outline

Industrial scaffold training/exams schedule Calgary

Industrial scaffold training/exams schedule Edmonton

Industrial scaffold training/exams schedule Fort McMurray

Industrial scaffold training/exams schedule Sydney, Nova Scotia

Competent Person Frame Scaffold

Competent Person System Scaffold

Career Development

Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor

First Level Supervisor Training

Red Seal Journeyman Exam Preparation Courses

Course Schedules

Calgary Course Schedule

Edmonton Course Schedule

Fort McMurray Course Schedule

Training programs

Our innovative training programs and partnerships are helping Canadians enter the trades and helping employers find the workers they need.

Aboriginal Initiatives Program

Secondary School Initiatives

Women Building Futures

Labour relations

Looking to improve your workplace relationships, or gain a better understanding about what being part of a union means? We offer labour relations program for workers and managers, and a three-part training program for CLAC stewards.

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